the "DOEPFER DREHBANK Midi Controller Box" is a device with 64 knobs (at least the version i found) which are assigned to different midi commands. the price is about 299 euros which is imho not reasonable.

we try to build a minimalistic midi controller box from scratch. therefor we assume that:

  1. 64 knobs are a great deal too much
  2. midi commands may be mapped to other channels/commands in software

that's why we start our first minimal device as follows:

  1. use 8-16 knobs => atiny2313 (8) or atmega16 (16) will do the job
  2. assign static commands/channels to knobs

in later versions we could think about features like:

  1. reassignment of knobs/commands at run time
  2. snapshot (see doepfer drehbank features) function (not a problem at all)

hardware: basic ideas / electric circuit diagram

this is a very first schematic of our midi controller device:

list of used parts:

to be continued ...

software: basic ideas concerning the firmware

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