the gemtag x501 rfid reader/writer produced by gemini 2000 is in the spotlight of this project. the usb connection is realized by a 8051 core microcontroller and the radio link achieved by the rc632 multiple protocol contactless reader ic.

the aim is to write an alternative firmware to be able to play around with the rc632 ic.




at89c5131 <-> rc632

[to be continued ...]

original firmware

dump the original firmware using dfu-programmer. therefor jumper the 2 pin boot header on the board before powering the device by plugging in the usb connector.

lsusb shows the following device now:

 Bus 003 Device 002: ID 03eb:2ffd Atmel Corp. at89c5130/c5131 DFU bootloader

download the firmware:

 sudo dfu-programmer at89c5131 dump > orig_fw.bin

alternative firmware

[to be continued ...]

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