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hackers - probably originating from the programmers subculture - are persons enjoying to explore the details of programmable systems and technology in general and how to stretch their capabilities as oposed to most users who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary. hackers follow a spirit of creative playfullness and anti-authoritarianism. hackers demand for free information, openess and decentralization.

however, the field of interest is not necessarily limited to technology but should include the system in which we find ourselves. although technically advanced and more or less freed from constraints imposed by nature and traditions, the society today - its organization determined by the present relations of capitalistic production, i.e. its economic base - still estranges the individual from his activities and, thus, from himself.

advancing the means of production has the potential to liberate them from the old, solidified and seemingly natural relations of production and consequently free the individual. creative technology progressing the productive forces, thus, further releases the individual realizing the possibility to pursue (even) more creative and non-estranged activities. nothing can stop it - let's do it!

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