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[hackdaworld] happy new year 2005 -- some news :)

happy new year!

some news:

hdw source contains scripts for realizing a (n)fai = (nearly) fully automated install method! it will get improved this year ;)

some more info:

there was a strange error (dst cache overflow) on gate (probably related to a kernel bug - not quite sure about that!) causing a reboot after 112 days uptime. before updating to 2.6.10 i will install hdw 0.3 using fai there. right-hand (the www/cvs server) will get another 30 gigs of storage. installing 0.3 binaries is a good idea imho.
=> services may not be available for a short time (at least i hope it wil lbe short) :)

cat your TODOs and keep on hacking!
happy new year!



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