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21.03: hdw movement
all the dyndns services located at my parents home moved to now. i may afford the flatrate, not the electricity. thanks to rygel for providing a fast and stable user mode linux server. the dyndns ip is now staticly pointing to now go on hacking,



03.10: congrats kamil and anna
although kamil would have never told us about his engagement to his former girl friend anna (regrettably), all of us wish both of them a happy time. the secret marriage - even their parents didn't know - took place at the 11th of september 2004. remembering all the great and nice time not forgetting about situations which seemed to be desperate and definitely scared all of us, even so we know that guy - our friend, certainly belonging to the narrowest circle of friends - for such a long time now, we may not try to value this happening. we simply wish all the best.

dear kamil, we hope to meet you and your wife back in augsburg soon and often. have a good time!

the augsburg crew :)
29.07: hdw-linux release
nearly midnight. hdw-linux-0.3 released some seconds ago. it has kernel 2.6 / udev and sysfs inside, a lot of new packages, especially soundtools. i hope everything works fine. have a look at the bugfixes the next days. before wasting more time writing this news article, i will go install my computers.
have fun folks,



10.09: here we go again
02:49 cet, install party over. the old gate is now called right-hand and is still running apache, cvs, irc eggdrop and some internal file serving. an old pentium 60 is doing the masquerading, sendmail and ircd work now. hopefully the cpu fan problems i had the first days won't return.
so, there are now just hdw boxes running in my home - beside my dbox2. but work is in progress. a new toolchain concept has been hacked into hdw to also make crossbuilds more easy. big thanks to julius molnar of flashartists who got me a 550 mhz compaq pc. it has an intel nic which is able to boot a linux kernel via net using pxe. i just netbooted it and thus am able to do a hdw install easily. that's why i decided to hack some automated hdw installation method using netboot into the current devel snapshot, actually i will do that before investigating in installdisks. so far the news from hackdaworld home, keep on hacking and enjoy ...

regards, hackbard
01.09: uptime 0 days again
14:30 cet, gate syslogd 1.4.1: restart. well folks, my brother did it again. i need that usv 3bot promised ;) - the new record of gate uptime is aboput 170 days + some hours. now it is time to get hdw installed and kick some asses :)

away for install party, hackbard
03.07: new uptime record
21:21 cet, i just recognized a new uptime record. 111 days. there is still rock running on gate, hopefully hdw (which will be installed after a crash) will kick asses later on :)

regards, hackbard


26.12: new hdw-linux release
01:03 cet, hdw-linux-0.2 available. hdw now supports optimization, creating of kernel cross compilers and offers about 150 packages. just take a look at enjoy ... merry xmas!

02.09: hdw-linux released its first version
05:36 cet and we are happy to announce the release of hdw-linux-0.1 that night. enjoy h4(K1n6 around,

28.06: new stuff available
01:19 cet. new color and new features on hackdaworld. i have added a mailinglist-archive (see mailing-list section). this gets now simply created by parsing the minimalist spool via server side includes. maybe i will improve it in the future. miguel and me have also done a lot of work on hdw-linux-0.1.0-dev. you should read the changelog and immediately checkout the latest version to start building :) - there is still a lot to be done, but it is getting more and more stable. as far as 0.1.0-dev succesfully builds, we will merge stuff with the hdw-linux-0.3.0-dev version, which is worked on by miguel at the moment. as i didnt have any time to look at mikes work, i am realy interested to see how much compatible we still are.

peace, hackbard
20.01: we believe in dynamics
23:30 cet. again hackdaworld changed its design. i hope you will like it. nearly every (s)html file you get is dynamically created from the apache webserver using SSI. you may still access the old homepage for a while. i also work on a possibility to present the mailinglist archives online not using hypermail or stuff like that. so k33p on h4ck1n6 :>

... regards hackbard

17.jan.2002: happy new year

00:45 cet. first of all - happy new year, well a bit late, anyways lets start it up. i ROCKed my gateway last weekend. yeah, it's now running all that bleeding edge stuff including kernel 2.4.17 ... i will tell you whether you should take it for productive use. just have a look at the uptime printout in the control frame. thanks to redhat anyways. i had a nice time, and hey ... 109 days uptime actually isn't as bad :) let's hope for the first stable router subdist on hdw-linux soon. concerning hdw-linux we have a new developer, let's welcome miguel bolanos ( i released 0.0.1 and i am working with mike on 0.1.0-dev now. there is a cvs pserver running on this machine now, so it's more easier to develop. if you want tp participate just contact me for a write access login, checkout is possible by using anonymous login. read more on the hdw-linux page in the projects section. so back to work ... still iptables stuff to deal with ;)

... updated ;) & btw: mike != maik *g

06.nov.2001: new design - changin' projects

19:27 cet. as you see i decided to give a new look. special thanks to maik for all that 3d and graphics stuff. i also reduced my projects as life time is spare *g*. so there are currently two mainprojects i want to follw. one of it is still lfs but in a diffrent kind of view. i am planing to release the first hdw-linux snapshot, my own 'built from scratch' distribution, based on lfs, soon. the second is to participate in some rock-linux projects. i try giving some support with the aliens (sparc, mips, maybe ppc) and also try to help with the package system, which is currently heavily discussed.

... regards hackbard

09.oct.2001: mailinglist service available now

04:24 cet. now has a mailinglist. i decided to use minimalist as it's a simple perl script and easy to configure/setup. just send an email with the subject "help" to you will get instructions how to proceed. have nice discussions.

... minimal < major | ist ^ domo = ?? ... too late, sorry :)

30.august.2001: first support topics added

18:24 cet. check out support section -> rocklinux. i announced my first project. i always need helping heads, you're welcome to join. within that my download directory growth. check out download section. i am also going to add lfs support this evening. have fun.

... leaving lamer'z life nOw, mfg hackbard :

05.may.2001: unrealircd, another service at defcon_one's

04:43 cet, i'm tired, not ready. missing nick, chan, bot - sevices, but it's in work. have another look at the contact section for details, i added the local one. you are welcome to join and found channels. as you can see a http-chat is in work too.

... the journey began, the information is spreading dA wOrLd ;)

06.march.2001: starting this news section

it is the 6th of march 2001, 21:10 cet and i think the first steps have to be done. this will be the place keeping you up2date. another possibility exchanging information is irc. have a look at the contact section.

... the journey might begin, welcome to *defcon_one*