2006-12-15 hackbardadded fast(er) list to be included (just in header... master origin
2006-11-30 hackbardmodifications i forgot to commit
2006-11-28 hackbardlist system updates for moldyn api, gets changed soon...
2006-03-26 hackbardsmall mods to audio api (compatible behaviour ..)
2005-10-12 hackbardadded matrix api (just mult by now)
2005-10-12 hackbardfixed rgb values of pixmap struct
2005-07-03 hackbardmore
2005-07-02 hackbardadded dfb api (just starting, not yet working ...)
2005-06-10 hackbardpoint to added list element in case after adding an...
2005-06-02 hackbardadded evnt_check funtion
2004-11-16 hackbardfixed network api bug! added MTU for send and receive...
2004-11-08 hackbardhopefully final bugfix to not et segfaulst using list_next
2004-11-08 hackbardanother bugfix
2004-11-08 hackbardfixed list api
2004-11-08 hackbardtest
2004-11-08 hackbardlist_next returns L_NO_NEXT_ELEMENT when at end of...
2004-11-07 hackbardcare for echo and nanonc mode on beofre switching off
2004-11-07 hackbardprint string instead of width*height characters
2004-11-07 hackbardoutfd fix
2004-11-05 hackbarddowngraded network api again
2004-11-05 hackbardadded timeout functionality
2004-11-05 hackbardfixed select/timeval bug in event api
2004-11-04 hackbardlast fixes
2004-11-04 hackbardadded outfd to display struct
2004-11-03 hackbardminor fixes + upgrades
2004-11-02 hackbardadded list_del_current and network_receive_chan function
2004-10-29 hackbardbugfixes
2004-10-28 hackbardsome changes to network api
2004-10-28 hackbardfixed drpintf for event + network api
2004-10-28 hackbardcompleted minimal list api
2004-10-21 hackbardnew list stuff (still in work)
2004-10-19 hackbardgrab cut function implemented (memcpy data to leave...
2004-10-19 hackbardbmp_cut tests
2004-10-18 hackbardchanges in bmp api
2004-10-17 hackbardadded bqs api entry
2004-10-08 hackbardimproved "clever way" method - seems to work now ....
2004-10-07 hackbardbugfix - still not 100% ok
2004-10-07 hackbardfixed bmp api, improved dft_2d ... though still seems...
2004-10-06 hackbardsome improvements to bmp_write_file function (still...
2004-10-06 hackbardadded 2d dft + bmp api (TESTING - may break!)
2004-09-24 hackbardvery beginning of fft in 1 dimension ;)
2004-09-24 hackbardimprovements
2004-09-23 hackbarddimension corrected
2004-09-23 hackbardfinished 1d-dft
2004-09-23 hackbard1d fourier trafo function added
2004-09-18 hackbardinit fourier.* (will be changed)
2004-08-01 hackbardcorrected stderr output
2004-06-27 hackbardoutput to stder, added list.* api which is still in...
2004-06-26 hackbardbegin list api
2004-06-23 hackbardinitial checkin