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[hackdaworld] hdwlinux on google

hi folks

i just googled for hdwlinux. www.hdwlinux.org is first hit (thanks to maik for hosting) - though i would prefere the dyndns address to be first.
i recognized a cool quit message from ceduardo :))

*[22:53] -!- hioki [~ceduardo@] has left #rocklinux ("And HDW Linux 0.1 is officially BugFree(tm), so if you receive any bug-reports on it, you know they are just evil lies.")

*thanks to joel maisenhelder ( http://joel.maisenhelder.net/ ) who put hdw on his link list. as far as i can see from his webpage he was doing stuff on rocklinux, the inspiration hdw grew up from. at the moment i can't imagine who it is - maybe i just know him by his nickname. thanks joel!

but there is something bad on the google results too. well, actually what makes it that bad, is the person who wrote it!

23:36 < dr_insolito> rocklinux == hdw ?
23:37 < Mike1> dr_insolito: _NO_!
23:37 < tcr> hdw?
23:37 < Mike1> dr_insolito: hdw = poor imitation / copy of rock linux source

okay, here we go. first of all i think it is not an imitation. as stated on the hdw-linux intro page, it is an adaption of the rock linux scripts ( actually just its concepts ) to the way lfs build a linux system. it is NOT a copy, it is definetly poor, but not a copy! :(
i remember Mike1 ( miguel bolanos ) was involved in hdw development. actually what he did was ... nothing! well some lousy attempts to get colors in hdw buildscript .. which was fixed by demian (jonathan) as it was bullshit. ah, and i nearly forgot about a perl script he tried to merge. as he actually forgot to exchange the name "rocklinux" in the scripts it was not applied ... and this person talks about hdw as a copy of rock :(
and beside blaming hdw, he is imho offending the rock guys as the hdw scripts are definetly too "poor" as to call it a copy. :(

well anyways, imho hdw kicks asses - i will use it for the rest of my life!
thanks to rock anyways - especially to clifford wolf 's brilliancy.

cu soon folks! have fun with hdw,

ps: maybe it was good to read about that - i think i will work on hdw the weekend now :)


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