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Re: [hackdaworld] hdwlinux on google


On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 17:35, hackbard wrote:


> but there is something bad on the google results too. well, actually 
> what makes it that bad, is the person who wrote it!
> 23:36 < dr_insolito> rocklinux == hdw ?
> 23:37 < Mike1> dr_insolito: _NO_!
> 23:37 < tcr> hdw?
> 23:37 < Mike1> dr_insolito: hdw = poor imitation / copy of rock linux source
> :((
> okay, here we go. first of all i think it is not an imitation. as stated 
> on the hdw-linux intro page, it is an adaption of the rock linux scripts 
> ( actually just its concepts ) to the way lfs build a linux system. it 
> is NOT a copy, it is definetly poor, but not a copy! :(

Yes i had this quite clear, and there is a reason for this comment which
i will elaborate in a moment.

> i remember Mike1 ( miguel bolanos ) was involved in hdw development. 
> actually what he did was ... nothing! well some lousy attempts to get 
> colors in hdw buildscript .. which was fixed by demian (jonathan) as it 
> was bullshit. ah, and i nearly forgot about a perl script he tried to 
> merge. as he actually forgot to exchange the name "rocklinux" in the 
> scripts it was not applied ... and this person talks about hdw as a copy 
> of rock :(

Sure back in the begining of hdw when i tried to get involved hdw was a
lot like rock linux, anywasy i tried to start making very little
contributions to hdw but of course you were rejecting every single
incoming feedback and /or patch sent by myself, which made me loose my
faith and motivation with the project itself.

> and beside blaming hdw, he is imho offending the rock guys as the hdw 
> scripts are definetly too "poor" as to call it a copy. :(

Yes perhaps you are right.

Now here comes my explanation of what happened and why:

The day that came over into the chan was indeed the day i had decided to
loose all contact with the project as i was really pissed off by the
project management attitude.
I know that what i said was wrong and i do apologize for it, i screwed
it up and i guess there is no way to go back and fix it, so all i can
say is I'm sorry and that i didn't ment what i said, i was just to
blinded by anger when that happened.
I feel a lot of appreciation for you and the other Frank, and i wish you
guys the best on this project.

As in for rock linux i am no longer involved on it either.


kind regards

Miguel Bolanos (Mike1)


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