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Re: [hackdaworld] hdwlinux on google

hello Miguel

first of all, sorry for that offensive mail. parts of that mail are not 100% correct - but i was just nervous reading the rocklinux logs.

i remember Mike1 ( miguel bolanos ) was involved in hdw development. actually what he did was ... nothing!

thats not true and we both know!

Sure back in the begining of hdw when i tried to get involved hdw was a
lot like rock linux, anywasy i tried to start making very little
contributions to hdw but of course you were rejecting every single
incoming feedback and /or patch sent by myself, which made me loose my
faith and motivation with the project itself.

even in the beginning it was not like rocklinux. it was written from scratch and actually raised from "install.sh", a fucked up script i did to automate lfs book. i did that script at a time i didnt even know about rock. i remember the day we met the first times. you pushed me to improve that scripts, and as we both liked the rock concepts ... it began to look like a rock, though it was and still is a pebble compared to rock.
i have to admit, applying patches into hdw is not one of my favorites - simply as i like to hack it myself. i was not rejecting feedback! actually i was powered by only one perosn in that time, you! i regret my behaviour "rejecting" all your work :( (though i think i did not)

Now here comes my explanation of what happened and why:

The day that came over into the chan was indeed the day i had decided to
loose all contact with the project as i was really pissed off by the
project management attitude.
I know that what i said was wrong and i do apologize for it, i screwed
it up and i guess there is no way to go back and fix it, so all i can
say is I'm sorry and that i didn't ment what i said, i was just to
blinded by anger when that happened.

i think there is no reason to say sorry on your site. what was said in the past let me think about closing (not extending) hdw project as a public project and simply keep it for me to ease admin stuff and co. maybe i am unable to do a project in a group. i am sorry about that mail, i was kind of angry too reading about that. lets just forget about it.
whatever - even hdw should never destroy friendships. please excuse,

(if you are still online and have the time, join irc - sarah is online at the moment, much greets)


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