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Re: [hackdaworld] Help with hdw movement

hiho Demian

i just wanted to know how to get latest hdw sources and different packages descriptors (do them have no name yet?) in different repositories.. still using CVS? If yes, please rememberme .. ive lost some practice and i noted some things changed at gate... looks better with that distro ;-).

yeah, using the 0.2 stable release iirc :)
how to get it:
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@hackdaworld.dyndns.org:/hdw-linux co hdw-linux-0.3-dev
we have cvs web now:

Is changelog up-to-day? please hackbard.. this could take some time.. but, could u list for me the main features and addons that changed in hdw since ive been away ? dont bother me with packages updates.. just changes in source code and hdw style and structure.

changelog is uptodate!
there are not much changes to the core scripts. the only thing i hacked into hdw is the build of a repository called toolchain before even going to base. toolchain category is added in the targets include files for that. we are now no longer building "static" the first round. the prefix for first round (toolchain and base, default still "static") maybe chosen in Config. Buid-Distro symlinks the hdw_build_dir/prefix to /prefix so we can easily build linking dynamically and doing the chroot in stage 2 without problems. i dont remember that good, but you can easily find out by the diff's which cvsweb can generate for you if you dont want to use cvs for that.
the reason/advantages of building a toolchain (and building dynamically):
- no ugly glibc <= 2.2.x hack needed anymore.
- as there are no "native" builds anymore, crossbuilds should get easier (well, at least i thought that!)

it is ugly, and i pretty much like the idea of hacking version 1.0 of hdw from scratch! :)

who are now working in hdw? could u update my lines in Developers and put the right stuff u thing ive done and im doing.. (if still might i be there).

i dont believe in the developers file. actually it's just you and me who is developing...

i'd like to come back and help.. and since ive been away.. i need to spend some time learning and understanding the hdw implementation again.

maybe that's an advantage concerning the "from scratch" implementation :)

other problem i got is .. that the old sources i had seem to be very old. i suppose that most of base stuff... so.. Mike are u still there? could u help me a bit to get last sources ?

tell me if i an help in some way here ...

cu, frank.


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