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Re: [hackdaworld] Read carefully this please

hi .

> first of all, sorry for the very late answer, but i've been demotivated
> the last days/months.

no prob.. i am moving slowly too

> you're right with the new version. my further plans so far:
> - get installdisks working (i know you did sth like that once, i would
> appreciate any help!)

easy. a look at BootCD will be enough, might be also take a glance at rock
linux instal disks , but i guess they use isolinux, no matter.

>    > no installer needed by now, you still need to be an advanced user
> installing hdw using hdw-get.
>    > fix some bugs in hdw-get.
>    > minimal kernel and rootfs + hdw binaries on cd.
> - finish/fix the setup.d routines
>    > packages need to get adapted.
>    > hdw-get should look for setup.d entries when a package gets
> installed. (add hdw-get update/setup option)
> - crossports (what a mess)
>    > booohooo, nothing works here i guess, lets fix it so that we at
> least get a kernel crosscompiler)
>    > reconsider the tc-* (toolchain) stuff hacked into hdw to ease
> crossbuilds (it doesn't!)
> - update / rebuild all targets

cant help with croos plattform builds definetely. no hadrware available
for that.

> having done this, we should release 0.3 (stable). after that we can
> continue 1.0 (devel) work, but as you said, we schould rewrite
> everything from scratch reconsidering and utilizing all our knowledge
> and experiences.

that's the point.

> okay, stop what you learn in computer science! %) we are hackers, we run
> vi and start coding ... :)
> all jokes aside, i think i know what you mean. that's why we should have
> heavy discussions !before! and during the first submitted code pieces to
> hdw 1.0. but basically i agree with your opinion.
> imho there are some things we should consider carefully hacking on 1.0:
> - flexible, extendable
> - clean code, easy/simple code
> (that's just what i wanted to stress out, the main things were already
> listed by you)
> this is easy to shout out, hard to implement .. but hey, that's what we
> like.

i agree too.

> > other thing preocupate me is the amount of developers now working in
> > hdw. i know that most of people who want to help and colaborate with
> > hdw can't dedicate full time to this.. and at least, package
> > maintenance is a hard work.. and this is my main focus when i say
> > this. i thing that if people want to see hdw up-to-day and satisfacing
> > needs .. many hands should be used to make this possible. if u support
> > me... i'll try to get interested people to support hdw.
> concerning package maintainance i like the way of scripts/Update-Tree.
> reason: people can check in changes by their own, not having access to
> the main scripts, which imho just one or only a few people should have.
> (do you agree with that?)
> i could bet that if we have installdisks and released a clean, flexible
> and easy to improve 1.0 version more people maybe want to join hdw.
> > feel free to critic those aspects:
> >     *    spend some time making an analysis of current problems
> > and proposes.
> >     *    list shared characteristics of packages hdw will work on
> >     *    describe and discuss users, different hdw targets and their
> > promotion
> >     *    patching and developers source code management in the project
> >     *    documentation. new users and developers must see this.
> >     *    code modulation. that what we structured in scripts:
> > "Download","Puzzle","Build".. you know.
> >     *    complete packages management discussion. this might be the
> > most tedious thing here. how to distribute packages configuration files.
> >     *    hdw build settings. previous build procedures, build
> > procedures, post build procedures.
> >     *    hdw install settings. previous install procedures, install
> > procedures, post install procedures.
> >     *    build settings. how to build hdw. a cool way to make build
> > powerful and efficient.
> >     *    build stages.
> >     *    upgrade support. most people like to see systems up-to-date.
> >     *    system configuration. support users and developers a nice
> > interface to simplify system administration.
> >     **    there are a lot of other aspects.. i can't remember all of
> > them now.. but i know they will surge with time.
> >
> > remember i am just another voice and opinion.
> > i am not saying "good bye hdw"... i am saying "hello hdw.. u will stay
> > a long time with people".
> i know, and i appreciate that.
> .. what do you think about that? did i understand you correctly?

yes u did i guess.

> > excuse me for the talk if i am bothering. just giving my opinion as
> > the hdw list if for i guess.

i will suspend things for a while. maybe until this month ends. i am
working and i dunt have really time .., sorry again. and no internet
connection until i could finish inet cafe architecture where i am working
at. cya and have fun.!!


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