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Re: [hackdaworld] hdw scripts

hi Demian

i was thinking.. that if could we write hdw scripts in perl. but dunno,
bash and shell scripting is ok because it's faster to execute systems
commands without having to call system("make") or things like that.

yes, and additionaly we are experienced bash users.
and i thnik you can do nice/clean coding in bash too.

and i dunno how faster could be the perl interpreter against bash ?

i dont know - maybe its even slower (?) .. code needs to get compiled before it will be executed.

i though about perl because pattern matching stuff, and regular
expressions, and because it is more flexible in programming. Bash is
simple and i like it that way.. but some advanced things are limited,
things Perl offers..

what exactly? do we need this?

it would be a bit hard and will take some time. My experience with perl is
not as good. but i think we wont use many perl modules for HDW.. but we
could create our own, which could simplify the hdw coding.

we could create something like modules in bash too ... dont u think so?

it would be cool to get some more developers to help if we want this. i
would like to try perl just for fun ;-)  and to try how far we could

i would also like to try perl - but concerning hdw, i have other priorities like crossbuilds and deendencies ...

what da u think about perl?..

hackers use it - might be dangerous! ;)

it would be easier for me, because i can code at home.. and dunt worry
about package maintenance because this is still a development brand. what
about start a new 0.5-dev?

lol, 0.3 is released now. there will be only one hdw-linux cvs repos now, stable releases are created from it. if the code rewrite is done, crossbuilds work and dependencies are cared of in an appropriate way, we will call the next release 1.0, ok? and maybe we could tell freshmeat or others too :)

but there are a lot of things to discuss.. i dunt want to migrate the bash
code to perl. i want to start again.. the good scratch way!

yes, as of porting to perl, this is reasonable. also for 1.0, a lot of it (beside the package configs maybe) will be writzten from scratch, with the old hdw code in mind and all its failures.

tell me.. that i will help.
but first i want to know pros and contras about perl and bash fpor hdw
build process.

pros of bash:
- we know it
- we have experiences
- we have bsh code and know it to work
- maybe not ideal language to do what hdw should do
- we are bored, we want to learn perl

pros of perl:
- maybe better language for hdw
- its new, that means fun
cons of perl:
- maybe slower
- host sstems need perl (ok, not realy a prob)

no more ideas here, sorry.

cu then,


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