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[hackdaworld] hdw-linux-0.3 release

hi there,

a lot of (not responded) discussions have been about hdw the last days. use of perl, packet manager issues and so on. this topics may be dicussed now!

hdw-linux-0.3 using bash and having hdw-get as a p.m. is out. have fun!

- crossports do not work *g*
- nearly all packages of target "all-dev" build, all other stable marked targets should build completly.
- toolchain concept is introduced in 0.3, this should make the crossbuilds more easy now
- hdw-get was improved (a bit) - caring for dir/info file
- beta code to have runtime and build dependencies created after each package build is implemented (hdw-get will soon care about it in cvs tree)
- kernel 2.6 / udev / sysfs inside!
.. and lots of things i do nt remember now.

a few words:
- cvs sources of packages are mirrored at http://www.hackdaworld.dyndns.org/contents/projects/hdw-linux/
- bugfixes will go there too ;)
- fetch the 0.3 release from the same url
- binaries of all working "all-dev" packages for ia32/i686 are available
- hdw-get has a so called dist-install mode (untested - may need some future bugfix patches)
- cvs tree will introduce a fully automated installation procedure soon

i will think about all the users(?)/developers(?)/interested(?) ideas, though i see it the following way. i will do some cleanups to hdw, but first i want the crossports and dependency issue to work - then i am concentrating of maybe porting it. some people may think a new concept may ease this - well i dont think so.

for (new) users:
- read the little docs in ./doc directory
- do not worry to bug me on irc or via email (you wont here anything like "RTFM", as there is so littel docs)
- feel free to play around with hdw-get, also using hackdaworld.dyndns.org as binary source
- feel free to play around with hdw-get source concernig dependencies, and send patches! :)

have fun guys,


thanks to linuxfromscratch, rocklinux, gnu and everything making hdw possible.


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