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Re: [hackdaworld] hdw scripts

hi Demian

sure. but syntax mistakes are checked at compile time, and when it is
compiled, it will run really fast because since that moment is is machine

sure, but compiling the packages source is what takes a long time. compile time of the perl scripts or more slower bash scripts can deefinelty be neglected! imho speedup is no argument here!

parsing config files.. for examle. this is the Puzzle script will help a
lot, there is a subroutine for creating build-order-stageX files, this
will improve speed in those cases.. although in my perl implementation
those schemes won't be used.. since i am trying packages config files like
perl modules, also compiled and loaded to bytecode, and kept in variables
and functions.. u will see..

neglecting speedup the remaining argument would be regular expressions, pattern matching stuff and more flexible programming. we have the first two things using sed ,awk, grep and stuff. for the last one ... i think bash is flexible too, we just have to start from scratch to do it more flexible maybe.
again, calling this external programs like sed, grep etc may be slow, but hey, this can be neglected concerning build time of the packages. the only program for which speedup would be great ist the generation of the build order files. and even here, what are some minuites compared to >3 days of build time?

slower only when compiling.. after that!, it will run as faster as another
binary program. compilation time is not really as slow actually. for me it
is faster, afaikan see.

please, no more talk about speedup! :)

the modularization may be a point advertising perl. but i am not quite sure if its good to skip bash. hdw is full of workarounds. before porting hdw to perl, i want to have all the functions cleaned up and ready in bah code. actually i want a 1.0 version in bash, as i think we owe it to bash to do so! :)

greets, frank.


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