added fast(er) list to be included (just in header) + small bug fix
[my-code/api.git] / list /
2006-12-15 hackbardadded fast(er) list to be included (just in header... master origin
2006-11-28 hackbardlist system updates for moldyn api, gets changed soon...
2005-06-10 hackbardpoint to added list element in case after adding an...
2004-11-08 hackbardhopefully final bugfix to not et segfaulst using list_next
2004-11-08 hackbardanother bugfix
2004-11-08 hackbardfixed list api
2004-11-08 hackbardtest
2004-11-08 hackbardlist_next returns L_NO_NEXT_ELEMENT when at end of...
2004-11-02 hackbardadded list_del_current and network_receive_chan function
2004-10-28 hackbardcompleted minimal list api
2004-10-21 hackbardnew list stuff (still in work)
2004-06-27 hackbardoutput to stder, added list.* api which is still in...
2004-06-26 hackbardbegin list api