2007-09-18 hackbardsome interrupt stuff, now basketball ...
2007-09-18 hackbardprepare for interrupt support in the next few days
2007-09-17 hackbardsupplied memcpy and memset now (gcc built-in functions)
2007-09-17 hackbarddec n counter
2007-09-17 hackbardcomment corrected ...
2007-09-17 hackbardonly copy the data section if code resides in flash
2007-09-16 hackbardalpha blending
2007-09-16 hackbardbasical alpha blending working (modulo minor pits)
2007-09-15 hackbardpause values somehow reasonable for flash and ram usage
2007-09-15 hackbarddecreased available ram size due to stack usage, workin...
2007-09-15 hackbardthe interrupt routines
2007-09-14 hackbardinterrupts
2007-09-14 hackbardenhanced linker script and startup
2007-09-14 hackbardmake the logo constant
2007-09-14 hackbardget rid of overflow warning
2007-09-14 hackbarddisplay extended (untested!)
2007-09-14 hackbarddraw rectangle assumed fixes/fins (untested!)
2007-09-14 hackbardfont2b + default_font.h fix (hopefully), display and...
2007-09-13 hackbardgray scale palette changes + com out reversal (want...
2007-09-13 hackbardmore display testing
2007-09-13 hackbardredundant data is stupid!
2007-09-13 hackbardoptimized load logo function (thnx to andersro)
2007-09-13 hackbardadded default logo font (taken from linux kernel source:
2007-09-13 hackbardfixed binary writing
2007-09-13 hackbardMerge branch 'master' of
2007-09-13 hackbardadded font2b code to convert linux console fonts to...
2007-09-13 hackbardstupid mistake fixed, display basically working now!
2007-09-13 hackbardbasic lcd control (must get improved!)
2007-09-12 hackbardmoved pin/bank configuration to global init routines...
2007-09-12 hackbardoups, hex prefix was missing!
2007-09-12 hackbardonly foo
2007-09-12 hackbarddo not build bmp2b by default (as you need bmp api!)
2007-09-12 hackbardcreate a bmp copy with 4 colors + modified default log
2007-09-12 hackbardbetty default logo, created by bmp2b tool (untested!)
2007-09-12 hackbardadded a bitmap to betty lcd ram conversion tool
2007-09-11 hackbardsome display testing (doesn't work by now!)
2007-09-11 hackbardsome more bullshit, hopefully this will work out even ...
2007-09-10 hackbardsome more pffs code (structures become identifiable ;)
2007-09-09 hackbardplaying around with pffs (NOT FINISHED, DOESNT COMPILE!)
2007-09-09 hackbardno automatic \r\n tx in uart0_send_string function
2007-09-09 hackbardadded some functions usually served by libc
2007-09-09 hackbardsafety checkin: more pffs
2007-09-09 hackbardfirst pseudo flash filesystem code (not working yet)
2007-09-08 hackbardadded low level flash support
2007-09-07 hackbardcode clean up!
2007-09-07 hackbardexample for the button api
2007-09-07 hackbardfinished/fixed button api
2007-09-06 hackbardforgot the betty.h file
2007-09-06 hackbardadded innit for p3.20/1
2007-09-06 hackbardbutton support
2007-09-04 hackbarddisplay backlight fun ..., display init (not working...
2007-09-04 hackbardno byte reply anymore (due to ack and tcflush) -> incre...
2007-09-03 hackbardsupport for binaries usinf -b, BUT: dirty dirty slow...
2007-09-02 hackbardupdated readme
2007-09-02 hackbardflashing works, sample betty fw announcing itself :)
2007-09-02 hackbardwriting hex files to flash should work now ...
2007-09-01 hackbardstupid mistake!!! + reorg of functions
2007-09-01 hackbardcksm implemented (still basic flash access not working!)
2007-09-01 hackbardbetty.c - first test fw to writo to flash bank0
2007-09-01 hackbardlpcload, added support for writing data to flash (untes...
2007-09-01 hackbardinitial version fwflash supporting writes to flash...
2007-09-01 hackbardtesting commit
2007-08-31 hackbardmodified usage hint
2007-08-31 hackbardstill some bugs, though by setting pll mult -> br of...
2007-08-31 hackbardfwflash taking over fwbc, lpcload taking over fwdump
2007-08-31 hackbardsafety checkin of fwflash tool (hacking counterpart...
2007-08-31 hackbardadded initial linker script and tartup asm code
2007-08-30 hackbardparsinf 05 records now too, still strabge bootloader...
2007-08-30 hackbardfixed 04 record parsing
2007-08-30 hackbardbaudrate 384000, no return check for go ccmd, parse...
2007-08-28 hackbardMakefile: fixed; fwbc: mem, bl init; fwflash: 1 bit...
2007-08-28 hackbardholidays ...
2007-08-18 hackbardloop broadcast process
2007-08-15 hackbardwrong bank0/2 addresses
2007-08-15 hackbardadded fwflash firmware (not yet working!)
2007-08-15 hackbardadded bootloader dump support, fwdump controls which...
2007-08-14 hackbardcorrect ext mem config (thnx colibri) + care for endianness
2007-08-08 hackbardfwdump working now, adapted fwbc fw (reading/transmitti...
2007-08-08 hackbardfwbc transmitting 0x23 now, though it's still curious...
2007-08-08 hackbardMerge branch 'master' of
2007-08-08 hackbardmore testing, still uart0 not working!
2007-08-08 hackbardrenamed register to MEMAP according to user manual
2007-08-08 hackbardcleaning up ...
2007-08-08 hackbardfixed output flags in serial init + added listening...
2007-08-07 hackbardextended readme
2007-08-06 hackbarduart fixes - at least it's transmitting bullshitz by...
2007-08-05 hackbardinitial checkin of lpc2xxx header file
2007-08-05 hackbardadded initial testing fwbc code
2007-08-04 hackbardfixed firmware to ram load (should work now!)
2007-08-04 hackbardfirmware upload to ram possible
2007-08-03 hackbardtroubles concerning data + cksum-response :/
2007-08-01 hackbardaddr modifications (+ ram offset - hex file offset)
2007-08-01 hackbard(ntested!) implementation of firmware_to_ram routine
2007-07-29 hackbardmore fw2ram stuff (not yet finished)
2007-07-29 hackbardadded fwdump, basic data write implemented
2007-07-29 hackbardram write (not yet finished)
2007-07-28 hackbardcleaned lpcload (only init working by now) + added...
2007-07-28 hackbardgo-to-bed-push, partid/bootcode version still wrong!
2007-07-28 hackbardadded lpcload tool to upload firmware into lpc2220...
2007-07-15 hackbardadded initial project readme + added main() to fwdump...