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last changeSat, 5 Jan 2008 16:15:26 +0000 (17:15 +0100)
2008-01-05 hackbardsome bits changed during 24c3 (no comments!) :) master
2007-12-26 hackbardadded vhd (test) code switch2usb (not working for known...
2007-09-04 hackbardsomehow dirty still accurate fix
2007-09-04 hackbardtest commit
2007-04-21 hackbardfooblah origin
2007-04-10 hackbardusb init fixed
2007-04-09 hackbardjtag via bitbanging of port d
2007-04-07 hackbardsmall ep mods for fx2, added xilprg patch to support...
2007-02-26 hackbardadded syncdelays + cpu init
2007-02-26 hackbardcafete backups
2007-02-26 hackbardadded fx2 rule to Makefile
2007-02-24 hackbardmore init stuff
2007-02-24 hackbardiod and oed are special function registers, no xdata!
2007-02-13 hackbardnow empty line seems to be allowd ...
2007-02-13 hackbardadded a makefile and a VERY VERY minimalistic not worki...
2007-02-13 hackbardforgot to free tbuf and rbuf since they were static...
16 years ago master
17 years ago origin