2006-03-23 hackbardfirst beta - patch sent to librfid list master origin
2006-03-22 hackbardremoved x501 librfid files (not a stupid device)
2006-03-21 hackbard*** empty log message ***
2006-03-21 hackbardadded write16 function (not working by now)
2006-03-15 hackbardmore constants fro the cmds
2006-03-07 hackbardbasic stuff implemented, reading out mifare with std...
2006-03-03 hackbardbasic transport working, unsorted defines.
2006-03-02 hackbardreactivated alt set
2006-03-01 hackbardsome playing around ...
2006-02-27 hackbardminr modifications
2006-02-26 hackbardmessing around with usb_*
2006-02-25 hackbardbasic functions added, problem: altsetting ...
2006-02-25 hackbardinitial checkin of the gemtag support
2006-01-23 hackbard-
2006-01-22 hackbardsed s/cm5121/x501/ - need to be hacked now (hopefully...
2006-01-19 hackbardinitial checkin of harald welte's original librfid...